Get to know The TWISTED’Z


Twisted Twinz Emporium started from the creative styles of Twinz Erin and Kristin. Erin was in Wisconsin, Kristin in Michigan. On a crazy June day, a tornado hit the city Erin was living. Having spared her home, her twin was frantic as National news showed the aftermath of said tornado. Kristin was able to reach Erin by phone early the next morning. Knowing her sister was ok, Kristin went off to a noon tattoo appointment. It was just minutes after arrival that Mr. Twisted called the tattoo shop to say, “Take Cover! There is a tornado heading your way!” At first Kristin thought he was chiding her, as she had been so worried the evening before, Kristin dismissed her husband’s words, but he was sure to be adamant that she take cover. Within minutes, a tornado hit the building Kristin was in. Within 12 hours, and 550 miles away from each other, a tornado had affected both girls. It was then that their tattoo friend Kathleen said, “Well, aren’t you two just a couple of Twisted Twinz!”
The concept was born! Erin has now moved to Michigan, and the store has become a beacon to local artists, who along with the Twinz, display their goods for sale at the shop.
Read further to learn a bit about each of the twinz!


(Let me just say that I am not saying I’m #1, only referencing that I was the first twin out of the womb…..beside, we both know that the baby sister, Angie, truly is the #1 Best…. sorry inside joke!    She is also our parents favorite and owns the internet by the way!!    Hey baby sister!!)
Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by our little slice of the weird wide web, we sure appreciate the love and support we have received from all of you and we look forward to many years to show you all how our twisted minds think and the art that they create.
So…. Ok, about me. First I will say that I HATE writing about myself, it feels like I’m internet dating or something.… which I DON’T do. (My name is Erin, I’m a Libra, hippie/biker/rocker chick,…. blah, blah, blah… just all sounds ridiculous.)   Anyway, here are the basics, or maybe not so basic….
I always used to say that I should write a book about my adventures because I have some pretty crazy and sometimes unbelievable stories, but the thought of writing it all down is overwhelming and they are stories that are best told in person as I’m a bit of an animated story teller. I’m also very quick witted and downright hilarious!!
I have been thinking for weeks now what to write about myself and nothing seems to feel right, I mean REALLY… how does one define oneself?       I’ve been and done a lot in the past 46 years….. yeah, I’ll say it, I’m 46 (although starting on my 39th birthday I figured I couldn’t keep getting away with telling people that I’m 29 AGAIN, so I just started telling people I was 50 and been adding a year each year…. I look amazing for 57 by the way, heck… I look amazing for 46!).  I feel like I have been so many different people in my lifetime.  Growth will do that to a person though, and I am so very thankful for all the different stages I have gone through as it has made me who I am today.   I don’t even recognize some of those past lives.  I look back on my life sometimes and just can’t believe the journey I have made.     I am still learning, and always searching for that SOMETHING MORE  out there…..something more to do, and be, and see and LIVE!   A constant in my life, however, has been art.   I now live for it, and I appreciate art in the things that others may not see as such.   (Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music)
Back to the dating profile… I mean bio…. LOL.
As I said, I’ve been and done a lot of things during my journey on this floating ball in space. I’ve been a retail manager, a bartender/ bar manager, I’ve flipped and sold houses, and even owned a piercing and tattoo shop for a few years (though if you know me personally this will totally not surprise you!). I’ve been a grand-daughter to a couple of amazing sets of grandparents who I miss every single day; a daughter to an equally amazing mother and not one but TWO dads; a sister to 5 siblings (5 girls and 1 boy); a TWIN to Kristin (I’ll talk about that later!); and an Aunt to many amazing young people, each are so very special. I also have those I consider to be my brothers and sisters. They are my clan, those I’ve chosen to be my family and I love them to the end. There are so many of you who have touched my heart, helped my soul, and made me the person I am today and I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you and wish I could take the space here to let the world know who you are and why you mean so much to me!
I was born in Wisconsin, and have lived in Indiana, Florida, and now Michigan. I could, however, very easily live in Hawaii if I could ever afford it. I’ve been to Oahu twice, and dream of the day I can return. Although I have not lived a lot of places I LOVE to travel and have been all over this great nation. If money were no object I would spend the rest of my life traveling!
This is where I talk about the twin bean…. I adore her!!!    It had been 13 years since I even lived in the same state as my twin, it seemed that NOW was the time to make that right and so I made the move to Michigan a year ago and although it is a BIG change from living in Madison Wisconsin, it has been a good thing for all of us. Kristin is the one true love of my life, she was chosen as my womb-mate for just that reason, I believe. She is about the most amazingly giving, sweet and kind hearted person I have ever met, and although you would think that I’m only saying this because she is my twin… she REALLY is amazing and you could ask just about anyone and they would tell you the same. Family means a great deal in my life, it has always been my family who has held me up and help to mold me into who I am,… I’ve had some great role models as far as that’s concerned!   My twin, however, has always been my biggest supporter, confidant, and champion.   For that I cannot even express how blessed that makes me feel, God gave me not only a sister, but a best friend for life.
As I mentioned earlier, the one thing that has been a constant in my life is ART of any kind, and I see art in EVERYTHING! If I could give the world a gift it would be for every person to be able to see the world like that.
It was a great joy to be in the position I was in when the opportunity to open TTE, with my twin, arose and it has been a blessing to be here in Michigan with her and her family. Opening TTE has given us the ability to share not only our art but to help support over 30 other local artists to share their art as well. We are able to teach art to others, which has been a blessing. Many laughs, thoughtful conversations, and yes… sadly, even sometimes tears have been shed at these art classes. Some of our participants have become like family to us, and to see them escape life and create has been amazing.
Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and get to know us a bit. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you, so stop on down to Twisted Twinz Emporium and hang out with us sometime!!





Well shoot, dang! After reading Auntie Twisted’z words, I feel like equating this to our other great love, MUSIC! So essentially, you have just seen Sevendust open up for Loverboy! LMAO! Kind of ridiculous don’t you think?


So my bio? How about DITTO! Hehehe. No? Damn!

Like Erin has so eloquently stated, it seems like this journey in life has been pieces of many different lives. So who am I? Sometimes I ask myself the same exact thing! I think the most important thing about me is that I am a Child of Christ! Jesus…. He is in everything, and I am betting that when we meet in person, He may have to shake His finger at me a couple of times, but in the end, I think He would say, Good job girlie! My stand out motto in this life is quite simple. HELP OTHERS! And if you can’t help them, just don’t hurt them!

I love LOVE! It takes just ONE person to make a difference. And guess what?! I am one person, with a doppleganger, who happens to love loving on people too! I often times surround myself with people who have a positive outlook on life, much like myself. Life has a way of getting under my skin too, but I have always tried to remain a positive person, and I know that my disposition reflects on my peoples.  Erin mentioned our tribe, and it is so true. If you knew our group, you would want to be a part of it! As bikers, when we say Brother or Sister, it is absolutely true. My family.

Speaking of my family….. I know you all think your family is pretty great and all, but seriously, mine is pretty much THE BEST! I will start with my inner core, my super amazing and loving husband, Dareck AKA Big Daddy! 14 years ago I was a single mother, living in Wisconsin. On a now defunct biker website, I invited some of our bikerheaven family to come for a meet for the weekend at my home. Dareck messaged, asking if it was ok if he came over from Michigan. I told him all were welcome…. Who would know that weekend would change my life. Actually, many lives! I rode with him all weekend, through sideways sleet even! Dareck came back to Wisconsin nearly every weekend after that to see me. Two months later, we tied the knot! Yes, you read that right… two months! As it would turn out, two other couples who met that weekend would end up getting married as well! It was a magical weekend for sure!

It was a GIANT step to move to Michigan, especially with a young son, who only knew life in Wisconsin. Things were pretty crazy at the beginning. We were both getting to know this man Dareck, and some moments in that time were just downright sucky! BUT, I think those two guys in my life ended up bonding quite well, as if it were meant to be, through the spans of time. My marriage is much different today, then it was back then. Dareck is my life, my heart and my very best friend. He stepped into a big role with my son when we got married, and I am so proud of the father he is!  Zane, my son, became a big brother just over a year after the wedding. Keegan is the younger of the two, and quite honestly, at 10 years apart in age, it is almost like they are both only children. At this moment in time, we have one who will be a teenager this year, while the other is graduating from college AND getting married this year! And yet, through this all, I feel much younger than my 46 years.

We have been blessed all around! I won’t list all of our peoples again, as Erin really covered that part, but I do want to say, that every step taken had purpose. My parents divorce, my mother remarrying, my grandparents departure from this world to the Pearly Gates…. It all has lead up to THIS day!  I am so very thankful for my heritage. I often joke that we are of hearty breed, but it is really quite true. Nobody has gotten here without struggles and heartache, but when it is balanced with humor, love, music, art and devotion to those who have come before us, and continue to make our legacy, we know that each step does indeed have purpose.

That was pretty heavy right? Ok, so onto lighthearted stuff then.

Growing up, art and music was super important in our lives. If you were the freak, or the outcast, your situation is much like mine! That is why we think the arts should be taught in our schools, instead of being cut, like is happening across the country. Those things quite literally saved our lives. Not that we weren’t out creating havoc all around growing up… we did a lot of that as well…. But had it not been for those outlets, who knows what life would look like today. Whatever your craft, do it with your heart!

We have seen some pretty amazing concerts in our days on this Earth. Erin is a bit more of a concert snob than I am…. If that girl isn’t backstage or VIP, forget about it! Hehe. I just enjoy the music… meeting rock stars is just a bonus!  There are hundreds of songs out there that have gotten me through my life. I think we can each remember how lyrics have mirrored our lives in one way or another. It’s like therapy! Art has been the same way, though in a different capacity. I find beauty in everything around me. I was encouraged by some great teachers in my day (and discouraged by one teacher, who was a mean old battleax who wouldn’t know an artist if it walked up and slapped her old wrinkly ass!) My favorite Art teacher, Mrs. Lund, in Deforest Wisconsin… she was so nice, and encouraged each of us in different ways. One of my favorite memories of Mrs. Lund was when she was teaching me about shading on a chalk drawing of David Lee Roth (who according to Facebook this morning, was my 80’s Rockstar boyfriend… SO TRUE!) I had done. The shaded area we worked on together? The bulging package in DLR’s spandex pants as he did that amazing toe touching splits in the air!

I think because of her encouragement, and the love shown from my family through my life, I have taken a roll as a helper of children. It shocks me, how many kids out there have a raw deal. I know this because I help at our local elementary school. I have been helping with our reading program for over 5 years now giving AR Prizes to those who read and take AR reading tests, and those kids have no filter. I don’t care who you are… when a little one walks up to you to say, “My daddy died last week” or “My mommy is back in jail again”, it just rips my heartstrings out. These children need love and encouragement! And while I am just “Mrs. C, the prize lady”, I love those kids… some of them are YOUR kids! So when you see this long haired, tattooed biker gal, and your little one runs up to hug on me… let them!

While I would like to say that I am only mid-way through this life, I am so thankful for every minute I have spent. If tomorrow doesn’t come for me, I want all my peoples to know, this life was AMAZING! I appreciate and love every one of you who have touched my life, encouraged me, and helped support this newest adventure called Twisted Twinz Emporium! YOU all are now the real Rock Stars in my life! ❤